What our club members past & present have to say about The Golden Horse!





Have been a member of the TGH race club since day one I have invested to date, a significant sum into the club horses and the service we receive from TGH is 2nd to none. The staff can never do enough for you and there is always someone on hand to assist. At a race meeting you are always treated like royalty. Anyone thinking of joining will not be disappointed. - Chris Douglas

I have never been so happy since I joined in march TGHRC is the best thing I have done meeting everyone at the races and the friendly people its been an amazing experience and going to the stables meeting all the horses having my picture taken with SHES GOLDEN priceless I look forward to many more wonderful years with the club! - Brian John Yapp

Absolutely love being apart of tghrc family everyone is very welcoming and friendly I am fairly new but the race days I have been to will always be days I'll remember forever! - Leona Hyndman

The racing club has to be the best thing I have ever done. as a working class man I would never have the opportunity of getting up close and personal to seeing horses run speak to a trainer and jockey. the days out are amazing with likeminded people free entry to the owners enclosure and to be able to get pictures with the horses and jockeys and have such a wonderful day I would recommend this club to all. - Joe Hyndman

Love tghrc had some fantastic days racing with some fabulous people always made to feel welcome, really got the racing bug now thanks for making this group it's the best xxx - Suzanne Sims

Fantastic opportunity for anyone wishing to be part of the racing community with a very friendly & helpful group of people, plus the chance to mix with the top trainers, jockeys & other racehorse owners. - Graham Williams

Great club great people and great trainers - to go to race meetings as owners and trainers is an amazing experience, met some great people and had amazing times. So glad I got involved. - Mark Cox

Im a newby but already feel at home.
The info and enthusiasm stand out.
Being a norf lundunner makes it difficult
to make many course visits but I will do my best next year.
Keep up your the good work. - Bruce Mercer

Nice friendly group. Beautiful horses and a lovely trainer with fab staff. good all round xxxx - Sarah Archer

Where else do you get to stand with your trainer and other members of a group to watch your horse run . Come and be part of the family you're all more than welcome! - Andy Taylor

 If you are looking to own your own racehorse or have ever wondered what it would feel like, STOP. What better way to achieve this than through The Golden Horse Race Club, it's a group that has the same goals as you and have the extended knowledge of a top trainer at hand. Not only do you get to be a part of this, you get all the benefits of being a "horse owner" on race day, as well as a really good group of people from top to bottom! - Shaun Barcoe

Tghrc is great to be a part of for such a young racing club its made giant strides in a small space of time. Has a very personal touch and feel. - Paul Chapman

There has been some experiences in my lifetime that has gave me such overwhelming feelings of excitement, anticipation and anxiety of a positive nature. For example ....when your football team is involved in a penalty shootout at Wembley or when you see your favorite band walk on stage for the first time or even the feeling you get in your stomach when you're about to go on the first date with the girl who you've fancied for years. Those feelings are equal to When i watched our first horse in OUR club colours enter the stalls. Most of the above feelings are once in a lifetime but by being in this racing club I will get to feel that excitement every race day- Rob Henman

TGH= simply the best, the knowledge, hard work and support is the best you will find, thanks for making a dream come true - Andy Bradford

This is the only racing club. I've met some great people and had some amazing race days. You are kept well informed about our horses and the race days are well organised and very friendly, always made to feel welcome and you get a sense that you are part of something very special. I really am living the dream. - Andy Fishwick

This is a Brotherhood/sisterhood as all are welcome but it's just a great bunch of people from all over the country/ world who enjoy the sport for what it is & will help each other out whenever possible = LONG LIVE TGH !!! - Graham Magill

Being a pensioner it gives me something to look forward to, and a feeling of belonging. I'd recommend it definitely! - Alan Woodmass

I have been a member for a few months and have enjoyed every minute. I have been in other clubs before but this has to be the best. I have been to 2 race days and met some fantastic people. Carl, Michael and Brio are so friendly and welcoming so what you waiting for sign up today. - Steve Morris

Not been with the club long but it's the best thing I've done,everyone has made me very welcome and can't wait for a race day, they also have a nice bunch of horses
Highly recommended. - Peter Howard

Great Club , Friendly Members, excellent value for money and would highly recommend! - Ricky Harris

Great club great horses great members And so easy to join - Mark Walton

I'm a club member and have a share in moonadee what a big friendly club I have been to Brighton and took two guests and had a fab day the members are very friendly Michael Mathews the racing manager welcomed us like long lost friends definitely recommend it to anyone also we made some top friends on the day. - Kevin Rolls



Im a newby but already feel at home. The info and enthusiasm stand out. Being a norf lundunner makes it difficult to make many course visits but I will do my best next year. Keep up your the good work!

- Bruce Mercer

The Golden Horse racing club is simply the best. The knowledge, hard work and support is the best you will find. Thanks for making a dream come true"

- Andy Bradford

"The Golden Horse racing club is rapidly growing and going from strength to strength, the ambition shown from the team is second to none. We are already collecting prize money from our horses finishing in the frame and that money get divided between the owners 'that is us, the members'. The subscription is well worth the money and it gives ordinary people the chance of owning racehorses that most people only dream about. Long live The Golden Horse."


- Geoff Chapman