Horse racing ownership has always been exclusive to the rich and wealthy. As a racing club and horse racing syndicate, we have now opened up this fantastic sport to everyone. Our aim is make all of your horse racing dreams a reality, while giving you inside access to the sport we all love! If you want to learn more about how you can be more involved in the 'Sport of Kings' read a bit more of our website and I hope to welcome you into our club very soon.

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Im a newby but already feel at home. The info and enthusiasm stand out. Being a norf lundunner makes it difficult to make many course visits but I will do my best next year. Keep up your the good work!

- Bruce Mercer

The Golden Horse racing club is simply the best. The knowledge, hard work and support is the best you will find. Thanks for making a dream come true"

- Andy Bradford

"The Golden Horse racing club is rapidly growing and going from strength to strength, the ambition shown from the team is second to none. We are already collecting prize money from our horses finishing in the frame and that money get divided between the owners 'that is us, the members'. The subscription is well worth the money and it gives ordinary people the chance of owning racehorses that most people only dream about. Long live The Golden Horse."


- Geoff Chapman